When water damage occurs in your business, you want to take action quickly to avoid further damage like property destruction and health issues such as mold growth. When water damage is not addressed quickly, moisture can penetrate through floor boards, damaging the structure of the property enough to reduce the quality of your property and possibly cause a hazardous situation. Venture’s water mitigation services reduce the water damage caused by a flood, leak, plumbing failure, or burst pipe.


You need water mitigation services when:

  • Water has entered your business because of a flood,
  • You have suffered a leak in your or business,
  • A pipe has burst,
  • Carpet, upholstery, wood work, furniture, and/or structural aspects of your business have been damaged by water

Water mitigation services become necessary any time water threatens the structural integrity, livability, value, and appearance of your property. Is it important to act when you see the first sign of water damage, because the damaging effects of water spread. The faster you take action, the less severe the water damage.

Early indicators of water damage include:

  • The most obvious sign, of course, is the sight of water where it shouldn’t be.
  • You discover inexplicably wet carpet.
  • You encounter a recurring puddle around a plumbing fixture.
  • You notice discoloration such as water stains on your ceiling.
  • The walls or floors have become soft, warped.
  • There is rust on the outside of your hot water heater or a pipe.
  • You notice a hot spot in a floor or wall. This sounds odd, but sometimes you can detect a leak in a hot water pipe because your wall or floor is hot to the touch.
  • The flow indicator on your water meter spins continuously or moves when no water is running.
  • Another obvious sign, you hear water running even when you can’t see it.


There are some steps you can take as a business owner to limit the damage to your property and your nerves. First of all, try to remain calm. Letting panic take hold in your mind saves no trouble and makes the situation slower to resolve, more frustrating, and possibly even more dangerous. Concentrate on taking one step at a time to stop the flow of water, prevent damage, and keep yourself safe.


Water mitigation services effectively remove damaged materials, repair damaged parts of the business, and take measures to ensure that the new materials and structures built will prevent and reduce future water damage. Venture’s Disaster Recovery Division is made up of fully trained  professionals with a focus on handling repairs from devastating events whether they are bigger or smaller in scope.

You can trust Venture to:

Handle damage assessment quickly and thoroughly

Perform construction defect analysis

Help with future disaster planning

Act as a representative for you, the owner, with your insurance company

Provide quality, lasting construction

Whether you are a insurance adjuster, risk manager, or property owner, Venture DRD will respond quickly to your water mitigation needs.

We assess the water damage using our advanced equipment, and then dry the property efficiently and skillfully. Our goal is to accelerate the drying process to limit the damage, repair the damage, and let you begin to get your life back to normal. The materials and work we provide for you will be done with the proper building, sealants, and water-resistant materials to make a possible water-related disaster in your future less likely to happen and less of a problem.