Fire is even more destructive than most people realize. The flames themselves can damage or completely destroy each item they touch, but the smoke also travels throughout the structure and causes significant corrosion and staining. Even a relatively small fire can impact the integrity and safety of your business. The longer the remains of the fire lie in the structure, the more damage they cause, so it is important that you contact a professional as soon as possible to begin the cleanup process.

Professional Fire Damage Services

The fire has been extinguished, and your life has been turned upside down. You probably feel lost and hopeless, but there is hope. In fact, there is an actionable plan that can help you rebuild your life.

At Venture, we have state-of-the-art equipment and both extensive knowledge and expertise to make a quick and accurate assessment of the damage. The next step is to begin cleaning. We understand how important your home and belongings are to you and we skillfully and respectfully attempt to salvage and restore as many items as possible. Because this is such an important and sensitive area, we make sure to keep you informed of our progress throughout the cleanup process. You may want to collect items and know the status of belongings of particular value. We reverse as much of the effects of the smoke as is possible through a highly-effective cleaning and sanitation process so the residue is not able to cause further damage. Water damage and renovation will likely be needed as well. Yes, we did say water damage. In an effort to put out the fire, water damage often occurs as well.

Early indicators of
water damage include:

  • Accuracy in assessments, cleanups, and repair.
  • Respect for your belongings
  • Considerate service
  • A thorough explanation of what actions will need to be taken
    removal of soot and smoke residue and smell

What you want to do during the brief time
between the fire and our arrival:

Avoid electrical items of any kind until we have deemed them safe.

Throw away any food that was in the building.

Do not disturb upholstered furniture or other items that might release soot.

Leave the cleaning to us. We know how to safely and effectively clean all surfaces.

Open windows to allow fresh air to flow through the structure.

If your property has experienced fire damage and smoke damage, Venture DRD has the skill and compassion to prevent additional damage and help to save your property and assets. Give us a call for emergency fire damage restoration services you can trust.