If you have experienced a flood, a major or minor leak, or excessive dampness, you should look into mold remediation. Mold is hazardous to your health, so it is important to address or prevent an existing mold problem as soon as possible.


Non-active mold spores exist nearly everywhere, but they need a nurturing environment in which to flourish. They like moisture, darkness, and organic material.

Unfortunately, our buildings provide both the darkness(behind walls, for instance) and organic material(wood or carpet) by default. When water enters the equation, your kitchen, bathroom, entire business quickly becomes a luxury spot for mold. After a major event like a flood or leaking roof, mold spores can spread through an entire structure within 48-72 hours.

The exact level when mold becomes hazardous to your health depends on the type of mold and the health of the individual. Some people are allergic to mold so lower amounts will cause significant problems for them. Often, people discover that they have a mold problem because of its characteristic musty, earthy smell, a spotty discoloration on exposed surfaces or because of health symptoms of mold allergy and exposure.


You should contact a professional mold remediation specialist, such as ourselves, if you have experienced any of the following.

Sources Of Mold:

  • Flooding
  • Leaking roofs
  • Damp basements
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Sewer overflow
  • Steam from humidifiers or showers

Signs Of Moisture And Mold:

  • Musty/earthy smell
  • Ongoing water damage
  • Discolored patches on walls
  • Warped floors
  • Wall discoloration
  • Condensation on windows and walls

What You Can Do To
Protect Yourself:

  • Reduce the use of humidifiers
  • Open windows and use fans to encourage drying of the mold
  • Use an air filter

At Venture, we utilize a thorough approach to identify the mold problem stop the cause of the mold if necessary, remove the mold, and repair the damage.

It is often necessary to replace boards, floor coverings, and more because they either cannot be completely
cleansed of the mold or suffered significant water damage from the source of the mold.