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Disaster Recovery

Disasters take many forms, including storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, fires, and more. There is one thing they all share in common; they are devastating to your business and to your life. Disaster recovery services from someone like us help turn a complete upheaval into a manageable task and then on to only a memory.


Disaster recovery involves cleanup and restoration from a wide variety of damages. Where there was a fire, there is also often water damage. It is possible with natural disasters for a structure to suffer from direct damage as well as water and fire damage. Venture has the expertise to assess the situation in your business, develop a plan of action, and to effectively clean and restore the structure from a complicated array of issues.

Venture is licensed to work in states throughout the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest, and our team is available 24/7. We are there when and where you need us.

Venture promises:

  • accuracy in assessments, cleanups, and repair
  • Considerate service
  • Respect for your business and your belongings
  • the use of state-of-the-art equipment
  • a thorough explanation of what actions will need to be taken


What to do after a disaster strikes:

  • Avoid electrical items after fire and water damage.
  • Do as little cleaning, moving of items, and walking through the building as possible.
  • Try to remain calm. Worrying will not make the situation better, but a quick phone call will put a professional on the job who will help you rebuild, quickly and effectively.

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